Abigail Roseheart is a supporting character in Knights of RedCliff: The Series, and is Sir Buck's wife.

Info Edit

Abigail Roseheart, like Aurellia Falmer, is a Drak Knight, and like Aurellia, is one of the series' few female characters with a major role as Sir Buck's wife. Her preferred weapon is her katana, which she is very skilled at using. She is 26 years old, and is considered by fans the "most beautiful girl in the series".

Personality Edit

Abigail is very sweet and kind-hearted, and is valiant and courageous when it comes to battle. She is nice to everyone, but she dislikes it when she is called "Abby" by anyone, even Sir Buck.

Appearance Edit

She has long golden hair, and wears RedCliff armor. On special occasions, she wears a wreath. On her wedding day (S3 Episode "The Wedding") with Sir Buck , she wore a white wedding dress.

Skills Edit

She is very skilled in melee with light blades, and is very swift when it comes to archery.

Clans and Ranks Edit

  • Knights of RedCliff - Drak Knight

ROBLOX Player Edit

Abigail Roseheart does not have a ROBLOX player.

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